Neal Collenburg – Partner/Trading Analyst

Neal Collenburg graduated Magna Cum Laude from DeVry University with a Bachelors in Network and Communication Management. He’s been working in the Information and Technology field for over 10 years.
In 2008, during the stock market crash, he became interested in investments, particularly in the equities market.
His first investments were in AMD, Pfizer and ATVI.
He expanded his interest into the cryptocurrency market in 2014 and in 2018, the futures market. He’s now a full time Futures market trader.

Trae Campbell – Partner/Trading Analyst

Trae Campbell graduated from Western Carolina with a degree in Criminal Justice. He spent the first 2 years out of school working in Law Enforcement. He then went on to start his own wholesale automobile business. In 2007, he took interest in the Forex market and started trading full time, from there he moved into equities until 2016, were he took special interest in the futures markets, which has become his main focus and area of expertise. Trae is also married since college and has 3 Daughters who he’s grooming to be traders themselves, if they so choose.

Anthony Salters – Partner/Educator

Anthony Salters graduated from Kean University with a BA in Education with a minor in Biology. He has a Masters in Teaching and Curriculum from Syracuse University. Salt started watching the markets in 2017. He works full-time as a public school teacher and runs a trader education advocacy group called “ChartLife”.