Futures moved higher in the overnight session after President Trump spoke about his plan to propose payroll tax cuts that will help hourly workers should they contract the coronavirus. The plan is to work with small and large business alike to offer some solution to allow these workers to remain home until they are healthy. There is expectations that there will be other stimulus measures as the President is set to speak later this afternoon about the plan.

Currently the S&P 500 is up 113 points, Nasdaq is up 336 points, meanwhile the DOW futures are up 963 points.

On the calendar: President Trump is set to speak later this afternoon.

Stock to watch: SFIX, MRO, XOM

A look at the chart: NQ is trying to test the 20 day sma, a failure of the sma we could drop a bit lower to test 8200, which is also the +1.5 dev level. The NQ is also at +1.5 dev (8315).